Get Chengdu Bus Card 2024 Foreigners Travel Service by Chengkok

Swipe Chengdu Bus Card easy to take subway or bus.
Chengdu is a good city for traveling, it has convenient public transportation, subway/metro, bus, high-speed train, Taxi and online car-hailing service.
For city travel, having a Chengdu bus card is essential.
There are benefits of having a Chengdu bus card:
1.Quick and Save Time
When other travelers are still opening their apps or buying tickets at the independent ticketing machines, you just need to swipe your card to go to the subway
Save many time and no wait.
2.Cheap and Save Money
If you take the bus, you can take the bus 3 times in 2 hours by swiping your card 1 time.(Most of the bus lines in the city support the discount)
If you take the subway, you can get 10% discount.
3.Good looking Travel gifts
Chengdu bus cards often have new patterns, for example there are pandas, temples, landscapes, and so on.
It is a very practical travel gift and can be used for other friends if they come to play in Chengdu.
Imagine that
when someone else is leaving the airport and needs to take the subway from the airport to the city, they will line up for tickets and have to pay with cash, or their cell phone, and you just swipe your card and take the subway like a local citizen, very convenient and saves time to see more sights.
How to buy a Chengdu bus card for tourists
Price: 59 RMB
(excluding stored value balance)
Price: 69 RMB
Includes 10 bus rides (subway rides require additional stored value)
Price: 89 RMB
Includes 10 bus rides and 20RMB subway balance.
We can help you to store the value amount in advance
How do I get a Chengdu Public Transportation Card?
It can be given to you at Chengdu Tianfu Airport when the staff is available.
Inform us in advance of the hotel you are staying at and it will be send to you on time.
About Card Return
You can return the card if dont need take it home.
The balance of the card cannot be refunded, only the card can be refunded, and you will receive some cash refund .
How to Buy Chengdu Bus Card from
Send us an email telling us you need a card and we’ll email you back with brand new, various patterns to pick from.
Pick one you like, decide if you want to store a subway balance, etc., and pay via paypal or cash on arrival in Chengdu.
Purchase a Chengdu Public Transportation Card contac us with this form
We can help you more (A good Chengdu Travel Guide in your Phone)
Buy a limited time chat service ,you can send Chinese characters or photo to us,or let us speak to the front desk for you.


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